Throughout 2018, AZSA is encouraging self-storage businesses to enroll in the Charity Storage Giving Back Program and conduct auctions to benefit wounded Veterans organizations.

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, MARCH 2, 2018 – Charity Storage and AZSA are asking its members to enroll in Charity Storage, choose charities that benefit wounded Veterans, and conduct charity auctions at the same time as their regularly scheduled foreclosure auctions or online. This campaign will culminate in a statewide series of auctions in November 2018, in honor of Veterans Day.

Inspired by Sherman Gillums, Jr., a severely wounded service member turned Veterans advocate, and Keynote Speaker at the Operational Symposium of the 20th Annual Arizona Self-Storage Conference, September 26-27, 2018, American Veterans (of which Gillums is Chief Strategy Officer), will also be the beneficiary of the charitable efforts at the AZSA Golf Tournament, September 25, 2018.

Sherman Gillums, Jr.’s story will motivate, challenge, and energize you to serve those who served and suffered. One of his main points is that everyone can help, as a part of their daily life. “Life breaks everyone at some point,” he says. “Whether it’s cancer, loss of a loved one, illness, or injury, we’re all bound by the moment – the duty – to draw upon our inner strength…We’re all in this together…(so) don’t pass the buck and assume someone else will help, because you may be the only one.” Be the one.

The Charity Storage Giving Back Program is an opportunity for the self storage industry to contribute to local, national and international charities. Owners and managers designate a rental unit as the Charity Storage Unit, collect abandoned and donated items in the unit, and auction the unit off for charity. A Charitable Donation Receipt is provided for all donations.

When an AZSA member facility sells the contents of their Charity Storage Unit in a live or online auction, the proceeds will be distributed quarterly to the Wounded Veteran’s Charity Chosen by the Facility (60%), Kure It Cancer Research (20%) and the Self Storage Association Foundation Scholarship Program(10%). Charity Storage retains 10% to help cover administrative costs and is able to accomplish this by receiving Sustaining Sponsorships from storage industry operators and vendors.

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