At a defining moment in the self-storage industry, when profits are at an all-time high, Haviland Storage Services operates with a philanthropic focus on connecting with their community. Under the leadership of owner and operator Sue Haviland, employees are empowered to support causes dear to their hearts through the many ways to give back with Charity Storage.

“I saw Charity Storage as a wonderful way for our stores to do something in their local communities,” says Haviland. “I’ve been on the board for seven or eight years now. It just started with wanting to help people in my community, and then I saw that I had the ability to help with all the trade shows I spoke at. I connect with so many people when I go out and visit their sites, so I knew I could use those connections for good.”

Haviland manages 13 facilities, assisting operators with hiring, training, and day-to-day operations. “The goal is to have those small operators be able to operate just as well as the guys with the big budgets,” she says.

One of Haviland Storage Service’s specialties is training. “When we put people behind the counters, we try to make sure they have all the tools and training accessible to them to feel confident in the service they give their customers,” Haviland says. “It’s key to have someone behind the counter that customers feel will care about their things as much as they do. We used to hire caretakers because it is important to have people that are empathetic and personable.”

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This article originally appeared in the Mini Storage Messenger Magazine

About Haviland Storage Services

Founded in 2003, Haviland Storage Services is a full-service self storage management and consulting firm with offices located in California, North Carolina, South Carolina and Idaho. Specializing in manager training, onsite auditing and operational reviews, Haviland Storage Services has been awarded Inside Self Storage’s “Best Operational Consulting” award in 2016 and 2019 and “Best Manager Training” award in 2015, 2020 and 2021. Operating with a passion to promote the welfare of others, Haviland Storage Services is always looking for new ways to connect with the local community and support causes most meaningful to its employees.

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