Families to Freedom

Families to Freedom
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Families to Freedom

Families to Freedom’s mission is to transport victims of domestic abuse to safety.

The Texas Council on Family Violence reports that victims are denied shelter across the state due to a lack of space. In large metro areas, this can be a majority of all hotline calls are an unmet need. The result is hundreds of victims and their children are turned away from domestic violence shelters each year. When a shelter is completely full, they are unable to accept new callers in crisis no matter how urgent the situation may be. The next available safe place for that victim may be in another county far away. For victims without a means of transportation to arrive at safe shelter, this problem puts them at risk of more violence and even death.

Families to Freedom is the solution for those who need help arriving to available shelter, or reuniting with family far away for long-term support and security. Our life changing services of offering a car ride to shelter, a road trip to family in another state, a bus ticket back home, or a gas card to drive far away changes how these Texas victims can become lifelong survivors!

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Sarah Nejdl
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Founder & CEO
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